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You might have noticed we tend to go overboard on our product’s benefits and features. Well, we do that because we want to give you everything you need to secure your PC, once and for all. In the same way, we also provide superior support to our customers because we know how frustrating it is when a company offers a good product but has terrible support. That’s why Viracure does everything to support you with the best product support services ever.
Where can I download Viracure antivirus?

Please Click here for a secure download of the latest version of the Viracure antivirus software.
When you arrive to the website, Click on Download. Your download will begin automatically.

How to install and activate Viracure antivirus?

The download and installation process for Viracure antivirus is very simple.
1. Please go here to download the product.
2. Choose the folder where you’d like your file to be saved.
3. Double-click on the saved file to start the installation process.
*Your system should meet the minimum requirements before Viracure is installed. If these requirements are not met, you will be informed about it and prompted to prove and repair certain components in order to proceed.
4. The Installation wizard will open. Install the product by clicking on the blue Install button.
5. Viracure antivirus will automatically start scanning your PC and installing itself. This may take a few moments.
6. Click on Get started button when the process is finished.
7. You will have two options to choose from:
A) You may choose to register your Viracure antivirus or

B) to start your 30 day free trial. Whichever option you choose, make sure you are connected to the Internet.
A) If you decide to go with your 30-day free trial version, enter your email address when prompted.
B) If you decide to register your Viracure antivirus, enter your License key into the product activation window and click Register now.
However, if you still don’t have a License key, but want to register your Viracure antivirus, you can buy a software License Key by clicking on the Buy Now button in the software.
8. After successful registration, click Next.
9. Now you can select your preferences. Here you can enable/disable Viracure antivirus profiles: Work, Games, and Movies.
10. Click on Next to fully install Viracure Antivirus.
11. After performing the above steps, click Finish.

Is Viracure antivirus compatible with my system?

Viracure antivirus is compatible with following operating systems:
Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (32-bit)
Windows Vista with Service Pack 2
Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
Windows 8
Windows 10

Minimum system requirements for Viracure antivirus:
1.8 GB available free hard disk space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)
800 MHz processor
1 GB of memory (RAM)

Recommended system requirements for Viracure antivirus:
2.8 GB available free hard disk space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)
Intel CORE Duo (1.66 GHz) or equivalent processor
Memory (RAM):
1 GB for Windows XP
1.5 GB for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

On the bottom right of your screen you will be able to see the status of your PC (Security widget) but the best thing is that the software works seamlessly in the background while you surf the Internet or watch movies.

Why download Viracure antivirus?

Viracure antivirus is one of the strongest antivirus tools on the market. Your PC will be safe and secure from the moment you first install Viracure antivirus. We are so confident in the Viracure antivirus that we even provide you with a free 30 day trial.

In addition to the free trial, our support team experts are always standing by in case you have any questions or need support.

What are the minimum system requirements in order to install Viracure antivirus on my PC?

The Viracure antivirus minimal system requirements include:

● 1 GB available free hard disk space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)
● 1.6 GHz processor
● 1 GB of memory (RAM) for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

What are the most important software features?

1. Protection
Antivirus: Set the scanning to Aggressive, Normal, or Permissive. In this feature, you can perform a quick scan or a full system scan, and manage your scans, depending on your needs.
Under Protection, you can also adjust your system vulnerability level and control your web protection (in order to protect your PC from online fraud and phishing).

2. Privacy
You can use Shredder to delete selected files and all traces of them from your hard drive.
Wallet is another option in Privacy that will keep your online shopping activities completely secure.
When using this feature, you don’t have to worry about passwords anymore – Wallet will fill in all the information you need for secure online shopping.
Safepay is a secured browser, designed for online banking. Safepay looks like a regular browser, but it is more secure. Viracure Antivirus will automatically detect when you’re browsing online, shopping, or visiting banking websites and will protect your information from being seen or stolen.

3. Tools 
OneClick Optimizer – Perform Disk, Registry and Privacy Cleanup to keep your PC healthy and strong.
Start Up Optimizer – Remove or delay some of the applications on your PC and increase start up time.
PC Cleanup – This feature removes items on your disk that are no longer useful (history, browser cache, junk files, etc.).
Disk Defragmenter – This option will organize your hard drive to maintain its top performance.
Registry Cleaner – This feature will erase all Registry entries that are out of date.
Recovery Wizard – A very useful feature that will restore your Windows Registry to a point back in time before your last Registry scan.
Duplicate Finder – Removes duplicate files from your hard disk.
Profiles – Profiles will modify the product and system settings to keep the impact on your system’s performance to a minimum. You can easily set up the Autopilot option to manage your profiles automatically as you work on your PC, or you can manually set up your Work, Movie and Game profiles.
Other important features include weekly reporting, all events listed in one place, access to Help & Support, and more.

Do I need to uninstall other antivirus programs before installing Viracure antivirus?

If you have another antivirus software installed on your computer, you must uninstall it to use the Viracure antivirus. If you do NOT uninstall the other antivirus from your PC, it will interfere with Viracure antivirus and may cause your PC difficulties.

How long does it take to install Viracure antivirus?

If you have the Recommended system requirements, the installation should be less than 3 minutes. The installation might take longer depending how long it takes for Viracure antivirus to scan your PC, how many folders you have, and if you have any threats on your PC.

How do I scan my PC?

During installation, Viracure antivirus will automatically Scan and Clean your PC. If you wish to manually scan your PC, you can do so by clicking on the Scan button in the main interface.

What is the Security Widget?

This widget will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen, it’s a quick way for you to monitor your Viracure antivirus performance. You can always turn it off if you don’t need it.

Is Viracure automatically updated?

Yes. Viracure antivirus is automatically updated, you can manually update it by clicking Update on the main interface. If you wish to pre-set your update settings, you can do so by going to General Settings > Update, and edit your preferences.

Is Viracure antivirus a Free software?

Viracure antivirus offers a free 30 day trial. After the trial period expires, you will need to purchase the software in order to keep your PC protected.

How do I upgrade to the full version?

While installing Viracure antivirus, you will be offered to purchase a License Key to register your Viracure antivirus software and unlock all features. If you decide to use the free trial version and wish to upgrade later, you can buy a software License Key/Serial number by clicking on the Buy Now button in the software. When your trial period is over, you will be asked to continue with your full protection by purchasing a Viracure antivirus License Key/Serial Number.

What is Photon technology?

Photon™ is a cloud-based scanning technology that observes a computer’s software configuration and makes scanning decisions based on the behavior of each application installed on your PC.

Photon™ adapts to every PC and scans files while learning usage patterns and continuously improves the scanning process.

How do I get a License Key/Serial Number?

Please go here to purchase your product License Key/Serial Number.

Here are the pricing plans of the Viracure antivirus software product.

Your License Key/Serial Number is valid for 1, 2 or 3 years, depending on the pricing plan you choose, from the date of your product activation.

Where can I find my License Key(s)?
You should have received 1 confirmation email immediately after the purchase was made.

If you purchased our software, but never received your License Key(s)/Serial Numbers, please send an email to: support@viracure.com for immediate support.

Where is my confirmation email?

Please check your ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk’ email folder.

Your confirmation email with your License Key(s)/Serial Numbers and Instructions can sometimes be redirected to your email ‘Junk’ folder by default.

If you never received your confirmation emails, please send an email to: support@viracure.com and our Customer Support agents will assist you.

How to register and activate my program?

You can easily register your product if you purchased a License Key/Serial Number. Each License Key/Serial Number is a combination of 7 digits and letters.

When your License Key/Serial Number is close to expired, Viracure antivirus will notify you so you can renew your subscription before and stay fully protected.

How to renew my Viracure antivirus subscription?

In the left corner of the Viracure antivirus interface you will see the number of days remaining with Viracure antivirus protection on your PC.

Before your Viracure antivirus protection expires, you must renew your License Key/Serial Number in order to stay protected.

How can I reach Customer Service for help?
Send us a ticket on our website or send us an email at: support@viracure.com or contact us directly on the website chat box. We are happy to help.
Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We offer a full refund on all orders made within 60 days after the purchase date.

Viracure antivirus Refund Policy: If for any reason you wish to request a refund on your purchase, you’re entitled to receive a full refund within 60-days from the original purchase date.

After submitting a refund request via the form on our support page, our Customer Support Team will contact you within 48 hours.

Our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee is in full effect on all purchase orders.

How do I get a refund?
Viracure antivirus 60-day Money Back Guarantee is in full effect on all purchase orders.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us and we will review your request.

Please contact our Customer Support department at: support@viracure.com for more information.

How do I activate Viracure antivirus?

In order to activate your software, you need to purchase a License Key. Please go to this page to purchase a Viracure Antivirus License Key/Serial Number.

Where is my activation email?

After the purchase is made, please check your email. You will receive 1 email with instructions and your License Key/Serial Number.

If you finished the purchase and still haven’t received an email, please check your email Spam folder.

If the emails are not there, do not hesitate to contact us at: support@viracure.com and we will help you.

Where is my Viracure antivirus License Key/Serial Number?

The receipt with your License Key/Serial Number will be sent to your inbox after the purchase. You should receive 1 confirmation email, with instructions and your License Key(s)/Serial Number(s).

If you finished the purchase and still can’t find the email in your inbox, then please check your Spam folder.

If the confirmation emails are not there, do not hesitate to contact us: support@viracure.com.

How do I upgrade my Viracure antivirus subscription?

After a free 30 day trial, you can buy a License Key/Serial Number to unlock all software features. Depending on the pricing plan you, your PC can be protected for 1, 2, or 3 years.
Please visit our pricing plans.

Which features are unlocked after activation?

After the product is registered and activated, your Viracure Antivirus will become fully active and your PC will be completely protected.

You will also have access to different advanced tools (OneClick Optimizer, StartUp Optimizer, etc.) that will help you speed up your PC.

How to uninstall Viracure antivirus?

To uninstall Viracure Antivirus, please follow the steps below:

Windows XP:

1. Click Start, go to Control Panel and double-click on Add / Remove programs.

2. Find Viracure Antivirus and click on Remove.

3. Click Remove to continue.

4. Please select one of the two options:

Repair – will fix issues that might have caused slowdowns or crashes.

Remove – will completely remove Viracure Antivirus.

Select the desired option and click Next.

5. Wait until the uninstall process is finished and then restart your system.

Windows Vista and Windows 7:

1. Click Start, then go to Control Panel and double-click on Programs and Features.

2. Find Viracure Antivirus and select Uninstall.

3. Click Remove to continue.

4. Please select one of the two options:

Repair – will fix issues that might have caused slowdowns or crashes.

Remove – will completely remove Viracure Antivirus.

Select the desired option and click Next.

5. Wait until the uninstall process is finished and then restart your system.

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1:

1. From the Windows Start screen, locate Control Panel (for example, you can start typing “Control Panel” directly in the Start screen) and then click on the icon.

2. Click Uninstall a program or Programs and Features.

3. Find Viracure Antivirus and select Uninstall.

4. Please select one of the two options:

Repair – will fix issues that might have caused slowdowns or crashes.

Remove – will completely remove Viracure Antivirus.

Select the desired option and click Next.

5. Wait until the uninstall process is finished and then restart your system.

Can I re-install Viracure antivirus after I uninstall?

Yes. Viracure antivirus can be re-installed on your PC as many times you wish.

How to Install Viracure

How to Uninstall Viracure


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