PC Cure+

On-demand Antivirus
PLUS Optimization Suit

PC Cure+ Boosts PC Speed

Have you noticed your computer’s running a lot slower than it used to? That’s because as soon as you turn on
your computer, it automatically starts launching multiple apps and downloading new updates. It all
accumulates over time and creates ‘virtual clutter’, ultimately slowing your system way down. Scan for and
clean up that useless clutter with PC Cure+ and don’t worry about your slow PC performance anymore. Enjoy a
fast PC all the time!

How do we know?

Because we make it our job to know. The PC Cure+ development team works countless hours every day to seek
out the latest stats, data, and information on PC optimization, new viruses, and the absolute best ways to make
your computer as fast and as safe as possible.

PC Cure+ isn’t just another humdrum PC optimization program that claims to help people.

We actually solve your PC optimization and security issues as we say we do, and we can back it up, too.

Discover PC Cure+

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Instant unstoppable optimization day and night

Constantly updated virus definitions to keep you secure

PC Cure+ alerts that warn you of unsafe activity

A comprehensive virus scanning software solution

Immediately captures and eliminates virus security threats

System Requirements:

Processor: Intel/AMD Compatible at 1000 MHz or higher

RAM: 512 MB or higher

Compatible with:
Windows 10 | Windows 8 | Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit compatible)