Tokens of Empathy

Every Viracure order spells ‘relief’ for those in need.
Each time a product sells, we contribute a portion of all proceeds to launch mercy-filled missions around the world.
Yes, we’re the world’s most powerful online protection suite, but we’re also the most passionate about helping others and giving back.

Who We Help

Viracure serves struggling communities all around the world. When we’ve gathered enough to make a difference, we decide who will beneft the most based on our available funds.
Sometimes our team makes the decision, but we also listen to our customers and accept special requests. So if you know of a community in need, please share, because we might be able to help!

How Change Happens

Change happens when caring people take a stand. We’re those people, and we hope you are too. If you really want to make a difference, then start by protecting yourself with one of our products.
All Viracure missions happen in 3 phases. The first phase is how we fund our efforts. In the second phase, we choose who to help and how to help them. In the final phase, we pack our bags and personally venture out to make real contributions.


Sales from Viracure security suite products set the cogs of change in motion. With every order, some of the proceeds are reserved for global humanitarian efforts.


In the support phase, we come together and make a team decision about who to help next. Of course, we always welcome feedback and customer suggestions too.


With everything else out of the way, it’s time for deployment. First we gather supplies, then we head out across the planet to link up and relieve needy souls everywhere.

A Shield For You, A Blanket For Them

If we don’t take a stand right here, right now, then who will?
There are people all around the world who face challenges we can’t even imagine. Viracure stands ready to contribute.

Are you ready to help? Let’s do it!