Why YouTube is not for kids

Dec 01, 2017 | Blog

Most parents are letting their children watch something on YouTube just to keep them amused. That being said, we might as well be calling YouTube the babysitter of this generation, which it most certainly shouldn't be. There are thousands of videos on YouTube that may look like popular cartoons but in fact most of them are animated by amateur, being fake versions of it with disturbing and inappropriate content and images that are not suitable for children. And that is not the worse part. Most of these videos despite being violent and weird are insanely popular with millions of views and likes.

Everything can start with an ordinary and an original videos of some famous cartoon that your child loves the most and before you know it your kid may be watching some seriously concerning videos. Here is an example of how far this can go. One mother handed her phone over to her kid in order to watch Peppa Pig, an extremely popular British cartoon. After a while she heard some screaming from her room, she ran towards to her daughter just to realise that the sound wasn’t coming from her daughter or Peppa, the original character of the cartoon. But from a not so original Peppa Pig which was having all of her teeth bloodily pulled out at the dentist. What made the situation even more horrifying is that this video had title and hashtags “Peppa Pig Dentist Kids Animation Fantasy”. Even tho the animation had huge similarities with an actual episode of Peppa Pig, it was poorly done, with completely different voices of characters and scary content. Sadly there are thousands of examples like this, and even more videos of these types that are trying to impersonate a popular cartoons just to manipulate kids to watch them by clicking on the recommended videos.

Parents need to become a lot more involved in what their kids are watching. We can’t know how these videos influence on our children’s mind, but why should we even worry about that when we can prevent it and protect them while we still can. Nobody will protect your kids the way you can. However, it is not only YouTube’s job to filter this junk but also ours. There are several simple steps that any of us can take in order to prevent access to these type of videos such as restrictive filter on YouTube, disabling recommended videos, ad blockers, using exclusively and only YouTube Kids App, disabling search, creating a playlist and many more.