Social Media is just as bad as ‘junk food’ for children

Jan 05, 2018 | Blog

Children are in danger if they get to be allowed to see social media like some sort of sweets and treats. Parents must stop their children from being hooked on social media and consuming the time online like “junk food”, the children’s commissioner in UK, Anne Longfield has warned. The parents need to be more proactive in regulating the amount of time children spend online over their holidays and weekends. They also need to control to what are their kids posting online as well as not allowing them to post too many photos of themselves. Last year, the Internet was placed at the top media over the television which only indicates of how much we are all using and preferring it. That being said, the recent researches found that the time children of the age 3 and 4 spend online from 6 to 8 hours a week, while 12 to 15 years old ones were found to spend more than 20 hours on the web per week.

The moment phones, social media and games make us feel worried, stressed out or out of control, especially regarding our children, it means that we haven’t balanced the things quite yet. Children should be made aware of how all of those websites work, and what their agenda is, the way those sites are deliberately encouraging them to click on another game or video based on what they have recently played and watched. Anne Longfield called on social media giants to take greater steps to ensure their sites provide a “safer place for kids”, and that they all get to be more proactive and to stop using the algorithms that get kids addicted. Parents should also help their children to use the time online in order to learn new skills or exercises their creativity, instead of taking away the Internet use. That way children can get to know the part of the Internet that does not only revolve around social media, which can help in their education as well as internet contains infinitive number of high quality information.