Microsoft on its way to help blind people see with their AIs

Jan 09, 2018 | Blog

Microsoft released an app that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to help blind people know what is going on in the world around them. “Seeing AI” as it’s called has several different channels that users can switch between. Based on those channels the app will provide a feedback of what is going on in front of the users. This app can read out loud texts written on the envelope that is in front of the user for example, it can provide audio guidance for scanning printing pages, scan grocery items via their barcode and even offer instructions on how to use them. Probably one of the most impressive thing about “Seeing AI” is that this app can recognize user friends, describe them and even indicate their emotional state. The latest update regarding this app is that now it can recognize different currencies such as British Pounds, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Euros. Microsoft will also add feature that will alert visually impaired users about the level of light in a particular room which can prevent them from checking whether a light is on or not, by touching the bulb and potentially burning themselves.

Microsoft also made a couple of tutorial videos that are available on Microsoft’s website. This app has a potential of being even bigger as the time goes by and it gets more developed. It can also positively influence on the lives of millions of people. We can all assume that there will be many more apps and similar ideas regarding this, which can be even more useful as it would be the idea of having the “Seeing AI” technology implemented directly with the glasses, rather than the camera on user’s smartphones.

If you know anybody who is sightless or has vision disabilities you should share this information with them as soon as possible, as it can open up a whole new world for them and also make them more satisfied if not happy. The app is currently only available on iOS in the US, UK and Australia, but it is only the matter of time when it will be released for the rest of the world and Android users too.